The Art of cutting hair



Meet and greet the Artist of Scissors, Razors, and blades.

It’s been a long time since I had a different hairstyle. It’s because I’m enrolled in a military school which strictly imposed a prescribed haircut.

I’ve been hearing a good feedback from my friends about this local barbershop who gives a fine haircut. I wouldn’t mind paying extra if they give me a fresh, clean, and awesome look, so I went to the shop right after work.

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If we didn’t stop, we might have achieved greatness by now.

An article for people that needs commitment and consistency on their goal.

Most of us when fueled, we put ideas into actions, We are so motivated to pursue success in the path we have chosen. But have you noticed after a few days or weeks, your energy is decreasing? We get lazy to do our tasks, and a rain of excuses started to fall.

This happens when we have a mindset of overnight success. We often expect a drastic change in a snap of a finger and gets disappointed by temporary defeat. We will then move back to our comfort zones and live our lives in mediocrity instead of seeing the big picture.
Time has passed as we lived our normal lives. Everything seems to be ordinary until we see our comrades who have the same dream as yours and they ‘re now drinking the same wine of success after a long journey.

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Who is your greatest enemy?



You don’t have to conquer the world, only yourself.

Our greatest enemy and best ally are no other than ourselves. One must conquer himself to overcome adversity. Hate, pain, sufferings, heartache, fear or any other negative emotion you can think of was not coming from the outside.

Our mind is the creator of our reality. If you believe in something and the subconscious mind considers this as a fact, it will manifest into your life.

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If you don’t live on the edge, you will never see the view


One of the reasons why people weren’t able to achieve their dreams is because they are not willing to pay the price. They are not willing to take the  risk and they don’t have the courage to leave their comfort zone. Magic happens outside the comfort zone, Man cannot discover new islands unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

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