I feel pleasure in pain

submissive.jpgWhat is your greatest sexual fantasy? That was the stunning question of Edge and considered one of the most awkward scenarios of my life. It was the time when Fifty Shades of Grey’s popularity is at its peak. I’ve read the book and the movie is being watched on selected theatres due to its content.

“A romantic sex after the wedding, with scented candle lights around the room” that was my answer to Edge’s question. He said that he was just asking women’s opinion since the movie is kinda controversial. But my answer was in a total contrary of what’s running in my head. It seems that Edge brought me back to that day when I first had an erotic sex with my best friend. Continue reading


Some thrill added


I was in a coffee shop when Edge approached me; He said he was a blogger and a researcher. He told me that nowadays, people spent most of their free time scrolling on Facebook. I was a little bit skeptic about him since I don’t usually talk to strangers but he told me that everyone is an open book and I should try to talk to people for the sake of learning and fun. Continue reading