We have nothing in common


Some people tend to find similarities of them in people they like. They think that they might get along with each other because they have a lot of things in common. They often reject another individual who is opposite to them. They fast forward things in their mind that it might be a complete disaster hanging out with someone entirely different from their personality

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The Woman and the Broken Glass

Dumped-woman-sitting-on-a-benchI was on my way home when I saw a woman crying as she sat on a bench. I was waiting for the bus to arrive then suddenly there’s a voice in my head that says “Go and be a man”. I walked up to her and said. “I know that you don’t me and I don’t have any idea who you are but are you alright?” I’m okay she said while wiping her tears. “You know what? If it is always a sunny day, the world is going to be a desert. Sometimes, we really need to experience rainy days” I said to her. You’re a man and you won’t understand, she replied. I started asking questions that lead to a long conversation. The idea of going home left my mind for an unknown reason.

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I feel pleasure in pain

submissive.jpgWhat is your greatest sexual fantasy? That was the stunning question of Edge and considered one of the most awkward scenarios of my life. It was the time when Fifty Shades of Grey’s popularity is at its peak. I’ve read the book and the movie is being watched on selected theatres due to its content.

“A romantic sex after the wedding, with scented candle lights around the room” that was my answer to Edge’s question. He said that he was just asking women’s opinion since the movie is kinda controversial. But my answer was in a total contrary of what’s running in my head. It seems that Edge brought me back to that day when I first had an erotic sex with my best friend. Continue reading