The reason why honesty is important during dating period.

Have you ever felt that your partner’s feelings or character changed after few months of being in a relationship? Are you starting to see your partner’s flaws?

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Natural; Attraction is not a choice, it’s Human Nature

The-psychology-of-love-and-attraction_ShutterstockNature compels us to move forward from our plane of existence. Nature’s goal is for us to survive and replicate, Men of survival needs to make sure that his genes will survive and replicate through generation. Of course, women have the same goals and that is why Man needs a woman and vice versa. Continue reading

Some thrill added


I was in a coffee shop when Edge approached me; He said he was a blogger and a researcher. He told me that nowadays, people spent most of their free time scrolling on Facebook. I was a little bit skeptic about him since I don’t usually talk to strangers but he told me that everyone is an open book and I should try to talk to people for the sake of learning and fun. Continue reading