​Camaraderie in times of Tragedy.


Landslide. Kalinga Road, 10 Km away from Bontoc. Around 8- ft High

(A true story 7:00 PM, June 25, 2017, Kalinga road, 10 km away from Bontoc Mountain Province)
We have to hurry! It’s already 3 pm, and the rain is about to fall. We need to make it fast so we can avoid landslides.

“Copy that” that’s my response after Tito Ayi, our organizer sent the message on the radio. He is already waiting for us at the Buscalan jump off. He went ahead of us to check on our driver and get some news about a possible landslide.

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Open your eyes


Don’t talk to strangers, don’t trust anyone on the streets, Streets are filled with bad people, Take good care of your belongings, They might take advantage and blah blah blah. You might be familiar with those reminders that were told to you by someone who really cares about you; Parents, Siblings, Guardians, or your Spouse. I grew up with those reminders and it helped me to be aware and be protective on myself. Continue reading