Felix Bistro Cafe

The first day of the year 2017 when I first saw the sign of this bistro. Looking on the outside, I knew that the concept and the ambiance would be ancestral house turned into a small restaurant. It was closed back then, and I told myself that I’d check it out once I’m back for a vacation.

It is located at Brgy. San Antonio, Cabangan, Zambales. It is just a few blocks away from the national highway, and the landmark is the Municipal Hall of town.

The entrance shows the fine view of the house.

The brick wall covered in leaves makes the area fresh and relaxing.
At first glance you can conclude that way back in the past, the owner of the house could be a part of a well-off family. Well yes, he is. The owner is a doctor who loves to preserve antiques and ancestral house.
I went inside, and at the door of the house, you’ll see the menu of the day just like typical bistros. A girl stood up to give assistance to me. I was with Rizza who was able to try the bistro before. She mentioned that the view is better upstairs so we went upstairs, and the girl handed the menu. She was with one of the crew, but she doesn’t look like one.
I checked some coffee, and they only serve Iced coffee and other coffee blended hot drinks. We’ll they also serve liquors and shakes, but I was expecting a frappe in the menu which was not there.
I asked if they serve frappe and she mentioned that she could make 1 for me and I agreed to it. I asked permission to her if I can roam around and take pictures for this article and she said yes with a smile on her face.
I was curious if she’s the manager because she doesn’t look like a crew. It turned out that she’s the owner and the ancestral house is an heirloom of their family.
Alessandra Felix, a 27 young lady, runs the business. She opened the bistro in September 2016. She accommodates the crew so well that her staffs admire her for it.
The excellent vintage look inside adds serenity to the ambiance.


The tables and chairs are made of woods.

This painting shows the beauty of a province featured by a mountain and several trees.

Like the town itself, it has a signature mountain called Bantay Cruz. You can check the details about the mountain here.

Mt. Bantay Cruz

This antique mirror seems to have travelled from the other side of the world.

The walis ting-ting display portrayed the traditional concept of the bistro.

of the dining area for customers.

A plus factor of the elegant round stair going to the 2nd level.

But one of the secrets to filling in the mood of your clients is to have good lighting concept.

The splendid hanging chandelier is very significant regarding showing sophisticated aura inside.

The antique seats and windows were retained as if it is well taken care of.

The wide windows demonstrated the traditional courting concept called harana.

This sungka set is displayed, but customers are also allowed to use it.

The blinds are made from wood which also signifies the antique concept.

So I was looking at the menu, and she said that she’s about to change it into something more presentable.


The list contains the name of the dishes they serve, the description with a Filipino translation so customers would have an idea of the ingredients. It comes with a pocket-friendly price too compared to other restaurants in town.


I  recommend the following:
*Shrimp in cashew pesto pasta

*Beef tortilla temaki

*Nacho Chicken

*Chocolate Chip Cookies
Indulge yourself and get the feeling of trying it. Share your experience and thoughts about it.
Below are further details about the bistro.

Felix Bistro Cafe
Disclaimer: The article written has been made to share the experience and thoughts of the author and not the exact reflection of the place, the owner, and those discussed things.”


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