The Art of cutting hair



Meet and greet the Artist of Scissors, Razors, and blades.

It’s been a long time since I had a different hairstyle. It’s because I’m enrolled in a military school which strictly imposed a prescribed haircut.

I’ve been hearing a good feedback from my friends about this local barbershop who gives a fine haircut. I wouldn’t mind paying extra if they give me a fresh, clean, and awesome look, so I went to the shop right after work.

The ambience is totally different from your average hair salon. There is this cool sign door.wp-1482048225660.jpg

I saw one hairstylist wearing a facemask with his vintage outfit. Then I noticed that the other one is wearing the same clothing style. What a great idea for a uniform!

Upon entering, there is this cute receptionist who gave me a greeting with a smile on her face. I told myself that this is a good impression for customer service. I asked her about the price of the haircut, and she referred me to the price list. It shows different kinds of a haircut and the corresponding pocket-friendly price.


I originally had a planned hairstyle, so I showed her the example on my phone. I also noticed that they could do hair tattoo as well. It gave me the idea to try it out for the first time. A new look of my hairdo with matching hair tattoo.

She then asked the hairstylist about the price and asked if he could do it. This is the picture of the hair tattoo that I’ve shown them.

He said, “I could do it, sir, I’ll give you a fair price for it”. He asked me to sit, and I further give him instructions about the cut.

On an average barbershop, a men’s haircut is done within 15 minutes. I’ve been observing the other customers who’re getting a cut, and it took longer. This means that the hair stylists are taking the time to get into details and to make sure that it’s always in proportion.

It took an approximately 2 hours to finish my hairstyle which includes the hair tattoo, and this was the result.



I went to Suave just to have a haircut but didn’t expect to meet an artist. The guy behind this is Mr Christopher Misal. He just started in July 2016. I asked him where did he learn to cut hair. He said he gained his experience from the streets; he practised by giving his friends a haircut.


I asked him what inspired him to give out his best by simply cutting someone’s hair. He said “I’d like to showcase my talent and show it to the world, and it gives me a fulfilment when I was able to add extra handsomeness to my clients after the haircut. Our mission is to make sure that our customer leaves our shop with a smile on their faces and coolness in their hair.”



The barbershop started by the owner Krome Valera in November 2015. The barbershop also gives a free haircut to street children. It’s their way to give back to the community. You can follow their Facebook link to check their store details.


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