If we didn’t stop, we might have achieved greatness by now.

An article for people that needs commitment and consistency on their goal.

Most of us when fueled, we put ideas into actions, We are so motivated to pursue success in the path we have chosen. But have you noticed after a few days or weeks, your energy is decreasing? We get lazy to do our tasks, and a rain of excuses started to fall.

This happens when we have a mindset of overnight success. We often expect a drastic change in a snap of a finger and gets disappointed by temporary defeat. We will then move back to our comfort zones and live our lives in mediocrity instead of seeing the big picture.
Time has passed as we lived our normal lives. Everything seems to be ordinary until we see our comrades who have the same dream as yours and they ‘re now drinking the same wine of success after a long journey.

I had to slap my face just to wake up from a false reality. I was shocked upon opening my eyes when I saw a massive change with people. I was once there with them at the starting line, and some are even behind me when I started to run. I realized that now, I am left behind and don’t even know if I might still catch up. At this very moment, my epiphany is simple, “If I didn’t stop, I might also taste greatness by now”.
What happened to us? What is it that these people have that we don’t? Why do they have the power to keep their momentum present at all times? According to Anthony Robbins, one of the things that separate successful people from the rest of society is Personal Power. The people who didn’t stop no matter what stands in their way, the people who kept on moving no matter how slow they are, the people who had the courage to take risks and face adversity that may come. They are the people who have personal power.

We lacked commitment on our goals. That was the reason why we got sidetracked by another opportunity. We might just hype ourselves and didn’t even asked if why are we doing it or if it’s really what we want? It went to the bottom of our priorities and was taken for granted.

It’s not too late. We might not catch up, but we can make a great progress. What’s important is we are learning, moving and getting better every day. Go back to basics, pick up your dreams you left on the table, plan and start making the action. Lower your pride as you seek guidance. Get a light if you cannot see in the dark. As Nike always quotes “ JUST DO IT!” start now my friend. You won’t be ready. You’ve been waiting for a long time, and it never came. Fear won’t get you somewhere.

Walk now and get yourself back on track so instead of saying “If Ii just had/made ***” sooner or later you will say “Good thing, I kept going”.


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