Who is your greatest enemy?



You don’t have to conquer the world, only yourself.

Our greatest enemy and best ally are no other than ourselves. One must conquer himself to overcome adversity. Hate, pain, sufferings, heartache, fear or any other negative emotion you can think of was not coming from the outside.

Our mind is the creator of our reality. If you believe in something and the subconscious mind considers this as a fact, it will manifest into your life.

Let’s have a practical example like smoking. A lot of people programmed their mind to believe that it feels good to smoke after a heavy meal or while drinking beer. An advertisement associated coolness and high status into a stick of cigarette. You feel like you’re a cowboy and releasing carbon monoxide makes you more manly and attractive. Some people installed into their belief system that lighting up a cigarette might calm you down and relieve stress.

Let me tell you; it’s all programmed in your head. If you want to quit smoking, it would be easier to uninstall the programming you had in your mind. You can use EFT technique or self-hypnosis. You can also use NLP for it. Research this method and it will assist you on your journey of change.

Same thing with emotional pain and fear, it was all product of your attitude and imagination. You have to assess yourself and ask. Am I really afraid? Or I am telling myself that I should be afraid? Am I really in pain? Or I am asking myself to believe that I should feel the pain and get emotional about it.

You have to learn how to trick yourself. A good example is “All is well” from the movie 3 Idiots.

Start now! Conquer yourself! Tame the beast inside you. Show yourself who’s the boss! Take charge of your reality.

I would like to share a 5-minute clip to you about facing yourself.

It is a short film by Disney Pixar entitled, Geri’s game.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

You can watch the film by clicking the link below.

Go to: Geri’s Game


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