The reason why honesty is important during dating period.

Have you ever felt that your partner’s feelings or character changed after few months of being in a relationship? Are you starting to see your partner’s flaws?

Changes in behaviour are one of the critical reasons why couples get into a fight which leads to pain and separation. But did your partner changed? Or it just happened that he/she wasn’t brutally honest at first?

During the courting process, a lot of people pretends to be someone they’re not. A guy must’ve said and shown that he is polite, full of dreams, faithful, empathetic and understanding person for him to make a girl fall in love with him. On the other hand, a girl might pretend how sweet, loving, loyal she is and that she is a woman of chastity and decency for his man to continually put her on the pedestal.

It would then lead to misery when we discover our partner’s real personality especially if we were honest about ourselves the whole time. It brings us an unpleasant feeling and asks ourselves as to why they’ve changed? They didn’t. They’re just starting to show their real color. They’re just telling you who they truly are.

It is important not to pretend to be someone just to get the approval of other people. Try not to portray a sweet character to get attraction or be validated. I’m not saying that we leave manners at home. I’m just telling you to wear yourself at all times. It helps you not to tell lies about your character.

Take time in getting to know each other phase and don’t rush things just to get into a committed relationship which came from selfishness. Enjoy the dating process first.

“Start having a pressure free, no string attached relationship with an intimate, committed relationship naturally forms on its own.”


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