Gravity is not responsible for falling in love. However, it is one of the powerful forces of the universe that is responsible for making the water flow and fall from the point of elevation thus, making this place magnificent.

Anghalo Falls of San Felipe Zambales

According to one of the Barangay Official of San Felipe Zambales, this beautiful attraction is called Anghalo Falls. He said that it is within the boundary of Brgy. Rosete.

The town of San Felipe in Zambales treats this as a tourist attraction and guess what? No entrance fee. You can ride a tricycle in front of the public market or near 7-11 and tell the driver that you’re going to Anghalo Falls. Take note, because there is another waterfall around the area. They call it Grotto Falls, and it’s not the one I am talking about.


The driver will drop you off near the river, and you can ask the driver how to get to the falls.


It will be 10-15 minutes trekking from crossing the river and then going to the plains surrounded by mountains. There would be a trail so you won’t get lost.


The place would be surrounded by trees and there are these small trees on your way


You would be crossing another river, and that is the sign that you are just 30 meters away from the falls. Keep on following the trail until you see this place and say WOAH!



This is the first level of the falls. It is advisable to go here during the rainy season because there would be less water flow during summer and sometimes it dries up. The depth of the falls was around 8-12 ft, but there are some shallow parts.


You can reach the second level by following the trail but please be careful because it is a narrow trail and the rocks are slippery. It would be a slope so try to hold on to some branches of trees.


At the top of the first level, this is what you’ll see.



Move forward and climb those big rocks but be careful because there might be some moss formation which is slimy and slippery.



Well, it would be worth it if the next thing you’ll see is this.




I didn’t measure how high the elevation is, but I am sure it’s pretty high.


It is so deep, and the water is refreshingly cold. It is not advisable to jump from the top, but it’s your discretion, your life, and your responsibility.



We can all agree that this is a great place where we can create once in a lifetime memory with our friends and loved ones. We can also find peace within ourselves by simply enjoying the view, and that is why I would like to call out the people who visited or planning to visit or the place and remind them to be a responsible citizen.


Have a sign of respect for our nature and be mindful of your garbage. You can bring plastic bags to keep your trash so you won’t leave it around the area like this.



I would like to thank you in advance for keeping the place waste free and for preserving the place for the next generation.


 This is one of the masterpieces of the Creator, and it is a privilege for us to enjoy such fantastic place.



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