You wouldn’t mind if I sit, would you?


I was on my way to the province to visit my grandmother. It was not on my plan, but my aunt told me that my granny suffered from a severe headache that caused her to become unconscious. I care a lot about her, probably more than the care I gave to all of the girls I’ve met and dated. I arrived at the terminal few minutes before the bus departs from the station and I noticed that there’s a long queue of the passengers near the bus.
I’ve found out that there are no more seats available and those who still want to hop in needs to stand, I didn’t have enough sleep because I just came from work. The next bus will leave after 5 hours, and that is not a good option.

I decided to ride to bus and stand in the aisle, after an hour of standing, my feet started to hurt, and my knees are about to fall. I’ve tried standing on lines before. In fact, I’ve managed to do it for more than 5 hours. I also had training in military and I know I am capable of standing for an extended period of time. Maybe I’m just tired that moment.
It’s not just me who is standing; there are other passengers too. Maybe they really want to go home, and that’s why they don’t mind if they stand. I started asking myself, am I the only one who feels tired and would want to sit? I looked into the floor and saw that it isn’t that dirty. I had the idea to sit on the floor, but I was sceptic about it because of what other people might think.
I asked myself this question Why am I considering other people’s thought it in the first place, It was I who is suffering? It is more comfortable to sit on the bus’s floor than standing in the aisle. Why am I basing my decisions on other people’s judgement?
I decided not to care about what they will think of me, and their thoughts were not facts. Those are just my speculations, my fear of embarrassment, an idea which is based on social norms. I am assuming things, and they won’t give a damn on what I’m about to do.
I sat down on the floor, relaxed my feet, put my headsets on and start playing music. My focus was in the music until I noticed that the other passengers who were standing like me are now going to sit the floor, one by one they sat. They looked at me with a smile on their faces as they sit down and feel relaxed. Some position their head near the arm rest of the seats and started to close their eyes. Oooops. I forgot to tell you that it’s a midnight trip, and yes people would want to sleep.
At that moment I realized that a lot of people make decisions based on other people’s way of thinking. They don’t take control of their lives and considers what other people might think about them as it was a big deal.
Remember, this is your life, and you should be the one handling the wheel. Take charge because he who takes responsibility takes the freedom.


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