The Woman and the Broken Glass

Dumped-woman-sitting-on-a-benchI was on my way home when I saw a woman crying as she sat on a bench. I was waiting for the bus to arrive then suddenly there’s a voice in my head that says “Go and be a man”. I walked up to her and said. “I know that you don’t me and I don’t have any idea who you are but are you alright?” I’m okay she said while wiping her tears. “You know what? If it is always a sunny day, the world is going to be a desert. Sometimes, we really need to experience rainy days” I said to her. You’re a man and you won’t understand, she replied. I started asking questions that lead to a long conversation. The idea of going home left my mind for an unknown reason.

I learned that she’s in a relationship with a guy for 3 years now. She said that his boyfriend changed. She felt that she’s just being used. She told me that it all started after they got laid. His boyfriend isn’t as sweet as before. His boyfriend doesn’t treat her the way she was treated before and it seems that the guy doesn’t even care for her at all. “Why can’t you just leave him?” I said.

“How could I leave him if I already lost my chastity? Who would want me if I decided to leave?”

I stood up and said “A woman isn’t the same as a glass that cannot be sold once it’s broken” then I went back to the place where I was waiting for the bus.

Some women had this mentality. They settle on a miserable relationship just because they think that no one is going to accept them. They think that they don’t have the option to leave. They chose to suffer rather than being free. They think that other guys won’t like them because they already lost their virginity to another guy.

A man doesn’t always value sex or virginity. Men also fall in love whether you had sex with someone or not. It is true that some men have some specific qualities that they’re looking for but Attraction is not a choice. Once you get attracted, there is no way for you say that I’m not going be attracted to this girl because she’s not a virgin. It doesn’t work that way! Attraction happens in an instant and it’s inevitable.

Don’t think that the world hates you because you are not a virgin. You don’t need to be hard on yourself. You are precious and there are a lot of qualities you can still be proud of. Compose yourself because you are not a glass that loses all its value when shattered.




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