Mt. Bantay Cross


A mountain called Bantay Cross is located here in the Philippines, specifically in the town of Cabangan in the province of Zambales.

The villagers said that it is nature who made the mountain to be like this. As you can see, there are few trees on its face but there is a forest on its peak.


At the top of the mountain, there is no source of water so If you want to climb, make sure that you are going to bring a lot of water. We each one of us brought around 3 liters of water for personal use. We also brought extra 12 liters for cooking our food.


Going up, there would be slopes like this which are very dangerous. Try to find easier path because there are no trails for hikers. Slopes and cliffs are everywhere so be cautious.


Not so far at the base, you can see hills across Mt. Bantay Cross. Some of the villagers bought part of that hill and converted it into an agricultural land where they can plant rice, vegetables, and fruits like pineapples. They also plant root crops like potatoes and sweet potatoes.


On its crest, you can almost see the town and the beach. Since Zambales at the west part of the Philippines, you can spot the sea upon climbing the mountain. It is under the Philippine area of responsibility although geographically it is called the South China Sea.


If you’re close to the peak. You can see almost 3 towns of Zambales. It includes Cabangan, San Felipe, and some part of San Narciso. You can’t spot the whole town of Cabangan because it has a lot of mountains around it.



At its peak, you can see mountains which are adjacent to Mt. Bantay Cruz.


This place is not only considered as a landmark for the town of Cabangan but its beauty brings pride to its people.


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