Looking up isn’t enough. You better start climbing.

look up

We all have dreams, and all of us wants to get hold of that dream but are do we have the courage to start taking action? Do we have the power to be consistent? Do we have enough reasons to continue when we encounter an adversity?

I attended a town hall meeting yesterday. Almost all of the speaker’s speech was inspiring but my epiphany was there is only one person who could really inspire me and that is myself. No matter how many inspiring movies we watch, no matter how many self-help books we read, no matter how many motivational speakers we listen to, it all goes back to us. If we can’t inspire ourselves we won’t be able to take the first step.

Looking up and model some of the most successful people is also a need but it isn’t enough. We must prepare ourselves and start climbing that mountain. I won’t forget what the speaker said. “I am looking forward to someone who will take my position because I won’t stay here for long. My dream is to become the President of this company but I know it’s gonna be a long way. I won’t take shortcuts because I know that when the time comes, I should be fully equipped” I felt like I was punched in the heart when I heard him saying that. I asked myself, why am I always in a hurry? Why am I always expecting a big result when I didn’t even take a small step?

The reason why I am not moving forward is because I am excited. Ironic isn’t it? I am so excited that I am always looking forward to achieving massive results in an instant. I am always planning everything in my head, polishing everything, waiting for the perfect time and opportunity and ended up wasting my time. I could have started with what I have and where I am and just hold into something that I want to be. I was afraid to fail due to being attached to the outcome. I don’t want to mess up. Yesterday I realized that failure and messing up is really part of it. That is what he meant when he said that he needs to be equipped. I need to gain experience in order to make right decisions when the time comes.

So come with me, let’s take a breath and have the guts to start. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there…


Look Up


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