“An Heirloom of Nature”

13521075_521014411421226_1804264058_nWhen I was a kid, my Grandfather used to bring me in this place.  I’ve experienced living on a farm , I don’t know the history of my ancestors but my Grandmother once told me that they own half of the mountain around 5 hectares of farmland and 7 hectares of the river but they don’t legally claim all of it, some of it  were taken by the government.  I don’t have an idea how that happened, maybe it was bought by my ancestors and they’ve had it for generations or probably it was awarded via land reform.

In the heart of the forest, there is this beautiful swamp. It’s like a big swimming pool surrounded by trees….


You’ll see running fresh water…


And some old trees that are still standing in its roots….


The swamp is around 10 ft deep, and the water is refreshingly cold….


You’ll hear birds singing and the rushing water is so pleasant to hear…


I remembered the first time I went here and it is still as beautiful as it was before…




I spent a couple of hours with my cousins in the place, we swim a lot and I took some time to meditate


It is really fulfilling to appreciate the beauty of nature….




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