I feel pleasure in pain

submissive.jpgWhat is your greatest sexual fantasy? That was the stunning question of Edge and considered one of the most awkward scenarios of my life. It was the time when Fifty Shades of Grey’s popularity is at its peak. I’ve read the book and the movie is being watched on selected theatres due to its content.

“A romantic sex after the wedding, with scented candle lights around the room” that was my answer to Edge’s question. He said that he was just asking women’s opinion since the movie is kinda controversial. But my answer was in a total contrary of what’s running in my head. It seems that Edge brought me back to that day when I first had an erotic sex with my best friend.

You can call me Vanessa; I’m just a typical nerdy student from a famous university here in Manila. I had a crush on my best friend; we were in the same class when I was in high school. We were partners in crime and he is my food buddy. Most of the times, people think of us as couples but he always tells them that we’re just best friends.

It was Christmas break when we decided to have a sleepover on one of our classmates in high school. Denise offered her house since her parents went to the province to visit some relatives. 4 of us were there including Denise’s boyfriend. We ordered some pizza and had a drink since we already bought some beer before going to her place. We were laughing about our memories during high school and we’re trying our best to cope up with each other’s life. It was 2:30 in the morning when we decided to sleep, Denise offered one room for me and my best friend Chris since her boyfriend will stay with her in her room. Chris doesn’t have a high tolerance when it comes to alcohol, but I do because I’ve been drinking since I was 15.

We went to our room and I said to Chris that I’m gonna stay on the bed and he should stay on the floor. He agreed to it, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wear my pajamas. I was shocked when I opened the door because Chris was there staring at me in the eyes. “Nessa, I want to be honest with you, I’ve been hiding this for years, I tried to stop myself feeling this way about you but I really fell in love with you” those were the words that came out of his mouth and I felt his sincerity upon looking in his eyes.

I closed my eyes as he leaned towards me; next thing happened was we were already kissing passionately. I felt his strong urge as he put his arms around my back, He holds me in my hips with a strong pressure. He pushed me to the bed as he removes his clothes in front of me. He laid down on top of me and started kissing me again, he bites my lips and I felt some pleasure on it. He kissed me on the neck and bites me hard in my shoulder; again I felt an enormous arousal on it.

We went on as he penetrates my womanhood. Harder, I said to him, Harder, I whispered in his ears. He trusts so hard that I felt great pleasure in the pain. At that moment, I realized that I feel sexual pleasure in pain.

Edge said that the romantic sex thing wasn’t my greatest sexual fantasy, I don’t know if he’s a psychic or he just saw it in my eyes that I wasn’t telling the truth. Edge, asked for my number and we went out a couple of times. I told him the story about me and Chris and asked me if he could share my story on his blog so here it is.


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