Natural; Attraction is not a choice, it’s Human Nature

The-psychology-of-love-and-attraction_ShutterstockNature compels us to move forward from our plane of existence. Nature’s goal is for us to survive and replicate, Men of survival needs to make sure that his genes will survive and replicate through generation. Of course, women have the same goals and that is why Man needs a woman and vice versa.

According to Erik Von Markovik, “Attraction is not a choice, it’s human nature” He is an expert in social dynamics and one of the people who revolutionized dating and the concept of attraction. Most of the time, Men possesses greater survival value than of women. Men’s brain is tuned naturally to respond to women of high replication value, such as women with sexy body, women in beauty, other physical and performance quality. If you’re a man reading this article, don’t tell me that you didn’t glance to that damn hot sexy woman you saw last time, you looked at her  that you almost break your neck.

Women; on the other hand, respond to a man with both survival and replication value. Honestly, for women, being handsome and having those muscles are plus points but their brain is tuned to respond to a man of a higher survival value. A man with a sense of responsibility, A man who can protect them, take care of them, and of course, Man who can provide not only physical and emotional needs but also financial needs.

It is pure nature if a man gets attracted to a woman with a higher replication value than you, or if a woman gets attracted to a man with a higher survival value, It’s not a choice, the brain is wired like that. But let me get things clear, Getting attracted is different from falling in love……



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