Some thrill added


I was in a coffee shop when Edge approached me; He said he was a blogger and a researcher. He told me that nowadays, people spent most of their free time scrolling on Facebook. I was a little bit skeptic about him since I don’t usually talk to strangers but he told me that everyone is an open book and I should try to talk to people for the sake of learning and fun.

We decided to grab a cup of coffee and share some stories. Enough about Edge because this is about me, I am Liza, short for Elizabeth. I was 19 back then when I first introduced a guy to my parents. My folks liked the guy for me. He is cute, loving and loves to cook. He is so sweet that he cooks for our family every time he visits our place.

One night, we decided to sleep at our house, my dad wasn’t there because of work and my mom stayed upstairs. There’s a bed near the living room bounded only by curtains. My boyfriend and I were there talking about where I should sleep, He told me to stay with my mom because it is not polite if my parents see us sharing the same bed. But I don’t want to; I want to stay by his side as I felt my body getting warmer.

But the thing is my Mom wakes up in the middle of the night and she goes downstairs to fetch some water. I can’t help it because I’m feeling horny that time and I want to have sex with him. Around 11 PM, We started kissing, caressing each other’s body while avoiding making noise and having the fear of getting caught.

We removed our clothes and covered ourselves in the blanket; I went on top of him feeling his boner. My emotions were mixed with thrill and pleasure. As I sway my hips to thrust, as he holds me with pressure, as much as I’d love to moan, I can’t.

After we finished, my felt my pulse getting normal, my fear of getting caught faded, I received a text message from my mom and she’s asking me to sleep upstairs but I ignored it and stayed with him. In the morning I told my mom that I just read her text upon waking up, I said I was tired so I slept early.

Sometimes, The thrill is worth the fun.



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